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At Scotland's Best Comedians we are able to offer a variety of services that all end up in the same result, a room full of people laughing themselves silly.

We can source a comedian for you awards dinner, it will not be some boring hack in a suit, but a vibrant exciting act that kills in every room we see them.

We can programme a festival for you over multiple days, putting on a variety of different individual comedy shows.

We can book a regular weekly, monthly or quarterly show at your pub, club or restaurant.

We always only book Scotland's Best Comedians.

Please use the contact us button to ask for our references, a quotation or just to ask for more information.

Ross Leslie is a record-setting 5-time Scottish Comedian of the Year finalist, and has appeared on various BBC Scotland comedy shows.

Currently a successful working comedian, and successful married person, Ross and wife, Briony have set up this booking agency to best utilise the current contacts we have and current assignments given to us by various venues throughout SCOTLAND.

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