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Thursday 16 March

Helen Prior: Adventures of An Old C**t Living My Dream. 7pm. £6/£5

Paddy Young: Laugh You Rats. 8.30pm. £5


Friday 17 March

Michael Welch: Ethnic Reveal Party (WIP). 7pm.  £4

Liam Farrelly: Work in Progress. 8.30pm. £5/£3

Pete Carson & Cobin Millage: Cobin Punches Pete Right in The Face. £5/£3


Saturday 18 March

Michael Herd & Alvin Liu: Stand Up Communism. 2.30pm. £5

Ruth Hunter: The Ruth Is on Fire (WIP). 4pm. £6/£3

Mick McNeill: Taking the Michael. 5.30pm £5

Kwame Asante: In Stitches. 7pm. £5

Scotland’s Best Comedians. 8.30pm. £10/£9

Louise Leigh: Amused. 10pm.  £5


Sunday 19 March

Anu Vaidyanathan: BC:AD - Before Children After Diapers. 2.30pm. £7

Paul Taylor: Head in The Clouds. 4pm. £5

Brit(ish) 5.30pm. £5

Ian TC: Bad in Bed. 7pm. £5

Jake Baker: Caring Is Creepy. 8.30pm.  £5


Monday 20 March

Christopher MacArthur-Boyd: Work in Progress. 7pm.  £7


Tuesday 21 March

Matt Black: The Seriously Funny Show. 7pm. £10/£7

Oddballs. 8.30pm. £5


Wednesday 22 March

Adam Flood: Clayhead Remolded.  7pm. £5

Suchandrika Chakrabarti: Reunion/After Party. 8.30pm. £5/£4


Thursday 23 March

Andy Roach: Laughing at Conspiracy Theories. 7pm. £8/£7

Kirsty Morrison: Slug Lady. 8.30pm. £5


Friday 24 March

Richard Stott: To Be or Stott To Be. 7pm. £5

Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp. 8.30pm. £8

Cerys Bradley: Not Over Thinking Things 2019 (WIP). 10pm. £5


Saturday 25 March

Marjolein Robertson: WIP. 2.30pm. £5

Roisin McCallion: Keeping Up Appearances. 4pm. £7.50/£5

John Aggasild: Spring/Summer 2023. 5.30pm.  £5

Ross Leslie: Daddy Cool. 7pm. £7.50/£5

Scotland’s Best Comedians. 8.30pm.  £10/£9

A Night in Hel. 10pm. £5


Sunday 26 March

Adam Riley: Saxon. 2.30pm. £5

Benjamin Sutton: The Curious Case of Benjamin Sutton. 4pm. £5

James Crampton: Natural Disaster. 5.30pm. £7/£5

You Who! 7pm. £5

Stuart McPherson: Horrible New Sound (WIP). 8.30pm. £6/£5


Monday 27 March

Stand Up for Research. 7pm. £5

Cabbage Patch Comedy Presents: 8.30pm. £10


Tuesday 28 March

Stevie Mitchell Comedy Show. 7pm. £10/£5

Donny Vostok: Back (Parts 1&2). 8.30pm. £6


Wednesday 29 March

Stephen Sharp: Truth Yeller. 7pm. £5

Giggrls. 8.30pm. £6.50/£5


Thursday 30 March

Chris Weir: Pot Noodle at The Sex Sauna (WIP). 7pm. £5

Amelia Bayler: Singing Lessons. 8.30pm. £5/£4

William Thompson: The Hand You’re Dealt. 10pm. £5


Friday 31 March

Paul McDaniel: Better Paul Paul. 7pm. £5

Katie Mitchell: Wretched. 8.30pm. £5

William Thompson: The Hand You’re Dealt. 10pm. £5


Saturday 1 April

Chucklehound. 2.30pm. £5

Kevin Daniel: Freedom. 4pm. £5

The Limp and Gimp. 5.30pm.  £5

Philipp Kostelecky: Daddy’s Home. 7pm.  £7/£5

Scotland’s Best Comedians. 8.30pm. £10/£9

90s Boy: Blair, The Love Gun and Me. 10pm. £8/£7


Sunday 2 April

Harun Musho`d: Why I Don’t Talk to People About Terrorism. 2.30pm. £5

Derek Johnston. A horrifying glimpse into the mind of an adult. PT.3. 4pm. £5

Alex Camp Writes A Song with You. 5.30pm. £5

Craig Wilson: Comedy Ninja. 7pm. £5

Propranololz 2: The Sertraline Dream. 8.30pm. £5/£4

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