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Booking terms and conditions for tickets purchased for shows at Good Egg Comedy at Dragonfly

  • Tickets are non-refundable should you simply change your mind, however if you message us, we can defer to a later date.

  • Please do try to purchase tickets in advance as that is the most cost effective way to buy and guarantees you a place.

  • We work on an E-ticket basis, just show us your booking on your phone and we are good to let you in.

  • Doors open for all shows approximately an hour before the show.  Last entry is 15 minutes before show time.

  • If you have not shown by the time the show has arrived there will be no guarantee of a seat.

  • If you are part of a larger group, please arrive especially early to ensure you are seated together.

  • The bar remains open after the show until midnight normally, dependent on the wishes of venue management.

  • The show will contain either 4 or 5 acts (including compere), there will be two breaks in between acts for purchase of alcohol and comfort breaks.

  • Unfortunately life happens and sometimes the line up you see advertised may not be the one on the night, due to illness, injury, travel issues etc.

  • The bar may be closed during the show if we feel it is best for the ambience and enjoyment of our audience.

  • There will be enough seats for all audience members.

  • There may be instance where you have to share a table with another couple, lets all just be happy to be around nice people having fun!

  • We do not encourage you to heckle the acts, it is never "doing them a favour".  Staff may ask you to take yourself outside if you are disrupting the show.  Try and limit chat between friends so as not to disturb those around you also.

  • Phones on silent.  If you are on the front row and your phone rings, a comedian is likely to answer this and make you look foolish.

  • 18 and over only permitted during the show.

  • You may not like the performance from time to time, comedy is subjective, if that is the case, please simply enjoy your drink, nip outside for fresh air, or something of that nature, please don't loudly voice your displeasure as others around may be having the time of their life.  Another comedian will be along soon in any event.  We aim to pick acts we know will work in that room.

  • Main rule is have fun, have a little drink (if you enjoy that sort of thing), listen to the top comedy and then tell your friends.

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